A Call To Action On Diversity

We acknowledge that the social sector in which we all work in can and should do more, with greater energy and speed, to increase the diversity within our organisations.

Diversity is not an end in itself, but a powerful means to collectively improve our work. By broadening the range of experiences and perspectives we bring to bear in our decision-making, we can ensure better decisions are made. 


Diversity is more than statistics.

It must also be felt and seen: in the actions we take, the language we use, the way we interact, the places we present ourselves and the ways in which we open ourselves up to challenge.

In order to move forward, those of us who hold power must show through our actions and words that we are serious about delivering social good with people, and not to people.

We must hold ourselves accountable for seeking out the voices too often ignored, to listen and respond, and in so doing, share our power with generosity and enthusiasm. This is the way that we will ensure that the work we do is meeting the challenge we share of supporting a fairer, more just and equal society, which benefits everyone.


We, therefore, commit ourselves to action: to speak openly about our current limitations, acknowledge the gaps in our knowledge, and communicate our shared ambition.

We ask for your commitment and support to explore and understand equality, diversity and inclusion in our sector, clarify our ambitions and goals, and work together not only to improve but make an impact that can be measured in the outcomes we achieve.

In order to achieve the above we the undersigned have committed ourselves to the below, as a working charter to guide and drive our work over the coming years and months. It is our hope that you will join us in developing this charter.



A Working charter for the uk social investment sector

1. We will commit to diversity in our team at a staff and governance level.

2. We will commit to exploring approaches and methods that help to bring equality, diversity and inclusion in how investment decisions are made in the social investment space across the UK.

3. We will commit to exploring new mechanisms to support organisations to become more diverse across the UK.

4. We will commit to finding ways to encourage social investments to support the full range of diverse recipients and issues we have in the UK.

Our working charter takes inspiration from the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter.



We are now inviting all impact investors in the UK to sign up to our Manifesto. There are three simple steps to sign up:

  1. An email from a senior and appropriate colleague in your organisation indicating they sign up and support the Manifesto and some of the actions

  2. A statement on your website that you support the Manifesto

  3. Permission to identify you on the Diversity Forum website as a supporter of the Manifesto.

For any questions on signing up to the Manifesto, please e-mail stephen.bediako@tsip.co.uk.


Moving Forward

Our intention is to work with the sector as an enabler and a catalyser to support the development of this charter, and what it means for organisations to pursue these charter goals and make them happen.

Equality is about fairness and eliminating barriers/discrimination. Diversity is about recognising and embracing difference.  Inclusion is whether people feel included or excluded in interactions and processes

We are aware we are using the word diversity as shorthand for diversity, equality and inclusion.  In the social investment context diversity means a balanced and value adding combination of people, skills, tools, and cognitive differences flowing through the social investment sector. Our hypothesis is that this should lead to an even greater level of social impact, and improved outcomes across the UK. Diversity will help us achieve our combined goal.

We are committed to continually learning, sharing and being transparent about what works and what doesn’t on this journey. Most importantly we want to pursue this work because it is morally right to do so, makes economic sense to ensure social investment delivers value for money but most importantly because we want to support the delivery of social outcomes and enhance the provision of public good.

Join us on the journey.