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Diversity Forum.

We’re a collective on a mission to drive inclusive social investment in the UK, through the convening of sector-wide groups, commissioning research, and knowledge sharing. 


The Need

There is a glaring disconnect in the socioeconomic backgrounds of social investors making decisions and the individuals who seeking funding for their organisations.

Our report, published in January 2019 and authored by Diversity Forum, finds that only 2.8% of directors in the social investment sector were women of ethnic minority backgrounds, and almost one in five directors in the sector have attended Oxford and Cambridge universities. There is urgency to change this to ensure that we represent the people we seek to serve, as well as to uncover new opportunities.


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If you are a social investor and would like to be part of a peer network, we'd welcome you to be part of our Diversity Champions network, by joining our mailing list and regular meetings.

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The Diversity Forum has created a sector-wide Key Toolkit with best practices for promoting diversity and inclusion. If you have other relevant resources to contribute, please let us know.

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1. Diversity Working Group

Our sector-wide Diversity Working Group gathers representatives from investors small and large, intermediaries and market champions to work together on this important challenge. 

The Working Group’s role is to provide leadership for the social investment sector, on the issues of diversity and inclusion, so as to enable:

  • Social investors to make good decisions,

  • Sector employers to offer an inclusive workplace and better represent the people we fund, and

  • An increase in the level of investment going to a greater diversity of groups.

If you are interested in joining the Working Group, please e-mail stephen.bediako@tsip.co.uk and bonnie@tsiconsultancy.com.

2. Diversity Champions

The Diversity Champions network, initiated by the Big Society Capital, is open to anyone operating in social investment.

SIFIs can nominate an individual committed to championing diversity within their organisations.

This is a peer-support network that meets every quarter for a 3-hour session facilitated by The Social Investment Consultancy on topics including recruitment, training, culture and best practices.

If you are interested in joining the Diversity Champions, please e-mail Amy.barker@sibgroup.org.uk.